5 tips to maintain your mental health in the perinatal period.

1. Prioritise Sleep:
Getting adequate sleep is crucial for maintaining good mental health. During the perinatal period, it can be challenging to get enough sleep due to the needs of the baby. However, it’s important to prioritise sleep as much as possible. Take naps when the baby sleeps, ask for help from family and friends, and try to establish a consistent sleep routine.

2. Practice Mindfulness:
Mindfulness techniques, such as meditation and deep breathing, can help reduce stress and anxiety. Set aside time each day to practice mindfulness, even if it’s just a few minutes. You can find guided meditation apps or videos online to help you get started.

3. Stay Connected:
Isolation and loneliness can exacerbate perinatal mental health issues. Make an effort to stay connected with friends and family, even if it’s just a phone call or text message. Joining a perinatal support group can also provide valuable social support.

4. Move Your Body:
Exercise is a great way to boost mood and reduce stress. Talk to your healthcare provider about safe exercise options during the perinatal period. Walking, swimming, and yoga are all low-impact options that can be done with your baby.

5. Be Kind to Yourself:
Perinatal mental health issues can be challenging, but it’s important to be kind to yourself. Avoid self-criticism and negative self-talk. Instead, focus on positive affirmations and take time for activities that bring you joy and relaxation. Remember, taking care of yourself is essential for taking care of your baby.